Effective operational cost reduction
thanks to intelligent technology

Reduce your operational costs and accounting costs effectively
thanks to application of intelligent technology
implemented in your company even in 5 days.

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What makes CostKiller effective

It helps to reduce operational costs thanks to a current control of consistency between the orders, documents and budget. It is effective – because it provides necessary information on a current basis, when it is needed to make purchase decisions. It allows you to prevent budget overspending and achieve savings.

How CostKiller reduces the costs of accounting

CostKiller reduces the costs of accounting thanks to the elimination of manual document accounting. Documents approved for payment are forwarded to the accounting system together with all accounting records and their tax qualification. It allows you to reduce a number of job positions responsible for prior manual entering of documents into the accounting system.

CostKiller – application of new generation

5 elements of the CostKiller system which determine its effectiveness

Electronic document flow
Real-time budget execution reports and information
Control of consistency between documents / orders and budget on a current basis
Automatic generation of records into the accounting system
Internal control system and many other useful functions
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How does it work? See the improved process

Traditional processes of data processing


Effects of using CostKiller system

Electronic centralized document flow
Instead of paper one
Current budget control
Instead of after monthly closing
Real-time budget execution report
Instead of after monthly closing
Order approval before the costs are incurred
Instead of approving the costs already incurred
Automatic generation of bookings
Instead of manual entering of documents by accountants
Operational cost reduction thanks to a better control
control of consistency between expenses, budget on a current basis instead of "post 'factum", after monthly closing
Accounting costs' reduction
Thanks to elimination of manual accounting


Operational benefits

  • Efficient document flow and centralized real-time cost control
  • Improved accounting process
  • Fast & easy access to budget & real-time actuals for budget holders

Financial benefits

  • Accounting cost reduction
  • Efficient control (and reduction) of operations costs
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How to we valuate CostKiller

CostKiller offered in a SaaS model as monthly subscription to use software. Monthly expenditure depends on the number of users and the version of the system (Basic, PRO, Enterprise).

No investment to purchase the license, servers, maintenance and updates.

A simple flexible monthly fee may be reduced or increased depending on the Client’s needs.

STARTER package is available from PLN 1000 per month.

Price list for versions: Basic, PRO, Enterprise

Trust inteligent technology

CostKiller can be implemented even in 5 days

How to start using CostKiller

1. Free benefit analysis
2. Agreement
3. Implementation
4. Budget upload support + user training
5. Benefit analysis

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